Life is What You Bake of It by Willem Blom

Willem Blom has been Flying Star Café’s Executive Pastry Chef for ten years. Willem was born in Holland and was classically trained. He has traveled the world while plying his trade. He is a man of few words.

 When we introduced our Jelly Doughnut, believe me, we had no plans to put some of the large doughnut chains out of business. Our intention was to come up with a better and tastier product. I went back and did a little looking into how we did this back home in Europe which is not really the world of the doughnut but more of the Beignet, or as we call it, the Berliner.

We start with classic Brioche dough what is a fine, yeast dough rich with eggs and butter. After carefully proofing this until just right, we fry the rounds in canola oil until they puff and are golden brown. When the puffs are cooled enough, we roll them in cinnamon sugar, fill them with raspberry jam and give them a final dusting of powdered sugar.

I promise not to be offended if you call my Beignet a Jelly Doughnut, or even if you think my doughnuts are not really American at all. What is most important to me is that you enjoy them with your morning cup or as an afternoon snack.

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